ASR strives to provide quality workmanship. We are not focused on how many Boats, Aircraft, Cars or RV's we can do in a week. We are focused on doing the best possible detail for our client’s, one project at a time.  Our pride comes from when our clients see the final product and we get that "WOW" response from them. 

ASR is a legitimate detailing company serving St. Petersburg and the Tampa Bay area. Established in July of 2016, ASR is Licensed and Insured and Registered with  With 5 Star reviews on Google and Facebook you can be assured your investment will be in good hands when ASR Detailing & Polishing does your detail.

At ASR Detailing & Polishing we use top grade products.   We have a tried and tested process for Boats, Aircraft, RV's and Cars.   The process is different depending on the condition, color, level of oxidation and type of vessel or vehicle you are getting detailed.   ASR will evaluate your investments condition and fully explain what will be needed to complete your detail. Any problem areas will be addressed so that you will know before the detail what to expect with the finished product.  You may have several options available depending on your detailing needs and ASR will be happy to give you a free quote.

In detailing, not all buffers are the same.  You don’t polish a car with the same buffer that you polish a boat with.  If you see someone cleaning your boat with an orbital buffer you have not made a good choice choosing your detailer.  Not all detailing services are the same.   Just because you got a "good deal" in lieu of the price does not mean you’re going to get a "good deal" in lieu of the outcome of your detail.  Numerous times we have been hired to fix a “good deal”. When choosing a detailing company please make sure they are legitimate and check the reviews. Remember you get what you pay for. 

Occasionally, there are some instances when an investment has not been maintained properly and it is not possible to bring the investment back to “like new”.  When ASR does the quote you will know from the start what will be able to be done and what will not be able to be done in certain circumstances.  90% of the time we can make your investment look close to brand new. Maintaining your investment regularly and with quality products is essential in maintaining the value of your investment.   Think of us, ASR Detailing & Polishing. Were here to help.